Climb Mt. Kenya for your Romantic Getaway


Mt. Kenya is known to be Africa’s second highest mountain, it stand tall at a whooping 5199m above ocean level and Situated 16km south of the equator. This mountain in Central Kenya Highlands is inside the Mt Kenya National Park, and is among the most excellent scenes in the whole Africa. With three mountain tops i.e., the Batian, the Nelion and the Lenana giving the ideal setting to a fun and brave Kenyan mountain get-away. Guests can go outdoors in the immense wild encompassing Mt Kenya, remain in noteworthy inns much the same as the homes of the region’s initial pilgrims, or remain in a present day, luxury resorts and Lodges.

The Masai Mara Safaris as well as the Nelion are the most minimal of the three pinnacles however Surprisingly must be come to by gifted mountain climbers. Lenana, in spite of the fact that the most noteworthy pinnacle can be come to by the typical trekking gathering, however achieving the best could be more testing than you at any point thought of, yet with a decent guide achieving the pinnacle can turn into a reality. The icy masses encompassing the montain, the fog, and the snow covering the highest point of the mountain yields various number of streams down to the base of the mountain. For the individuals who intend to climb the mountain comfortable, you may require four to seven days. Its prudent to convey a visit control and a watchman both of which can be masterminded by the Bush Troop Safaris Personnel in Nairobi.

There are an assortment of trailed courses to the highest point of mt Kenya. Guests wishing to Climbing Mount Kenya can utilize one of these courses each of which has its own highlights and qualities. Each course will display distinctive geography, greenery. These courses are the Sirimon course, the Picnic Naro Moro course, the Burguret course, the Timau course and the Chogoria course which meet at Minto’s cottage at 4300m above ocean level and sitting above Lake Michaelson. Every passage point to Climbing Mount Kenya is Conviniently dabbed with an assortment of resorts and campgrounds.  Know the Mount Kenya Climbing Routes here!

It is essential to take note of that Climbing Mount Kenya should be possible without any difficulty. My advice is, take it effortlessly. Do it for four to seven days, yet you need to strike a harmony between your well-being and the cool temperatures which have a propensity for hitting – 10 degrees celcius, the rain and the icy breezes. You may also read further about traveling at


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