Mount Kenya Climbing Routes


Mount Kenya is one of the spectacular scenes found in Kenya. It is surrounded by a rain forest, has three peaks and different clean rivers flowing down the mountain. On top of that, it has animals and lakes one can enjoy. It brings in peaceful bliss moments if you happen to watch it when the sky is clear. It is also responsible for individuals to make sure that the environment is left intact when visiting the sites to avoid soil erosion and destruction; people are encouraged to use a similar trail and rest on rocks but not on vegetation. Below are some of the known routes one can use to access the top of the mountain.

Sirimon Route

It is a route full of beautiful experiences. One approaches the mountain from the North, and as you come close, you can see the three peaks. The route is in between Nanyuki town and Meru town. Some of the merits of using this route are that it sustains an atmosphere of dryness which is suitable for more ground coverage. This character is spread all through the year since the North has little rainfall episodes.

There are facilities like camps that facilitate climbing of the mountain, they are two in total, and one has a great experience of crossing the Equator line to get to these camps. There is water available to refill the bottles hence one can stay hydrated. Know the Chogoria route mount kenya here!

Chogoria Route

It is the longest route compared to the rest that means it has an adventure and one gets to enjoy many views. It starts from Chogoria town and has camping sites available, and water is also in plenty from the streams down the mountain. It has scenes like Lake Michaelson and a plateau.

Naru Moru Route

It is a short route and is commonly used by hikers’ due to this characteristic. It is also easy to follow as it has a public trail. One passes scenes like the Naru Moru stream, Teleki Valley.  It also has permanent camping sites where one can take a break and rest. Read more facts about traveling at

Burguret Route

It begins from a hotel and goes through the rain forest to an identified road that leads to a camp. After a pause, the trail continues through the densely populated forest trees to a more clear area where one can see the peaks. There is also a camp available to take a break and afterward the journey goes ahead. This Sirimon route is full of adventures as one can also come across  animals in the tropical rain forest


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